My Shelf

Hey folks! Here is what’s on my shelf:

On my “actual” book shelf:

My bookshelf

Whereas on my Kindle there are, in a “Greatest” labeled collection:

My Kindle page 1

And on the second page:

My Kindle Page 2

I love Tim Ferriss’ books, as they are great for enhancing one’s well-being (and career). They made me start this blog. I can’t state nearly enough how important they were and still are for me.

The 4-Hour Workweek is about favoring living well over making money, about career decisions, outsourcing and home working, about time management in work and life, and about starting one’s business in the smallest steps possible, as well as doing the things you really want to do but never thought they would be within immediate reach.

The 4-Hour Body is furthermore about keeping a diet (with wonderful geek advice), dropping weight – gaining weight, working out smart instead of much, sleeping more ‘effectively’, reversing injuries, running, swimming, and how to have better sex. Overall, on living better.

The 4-Hour Chef is mostly about cooking, from three ingredients to “it’s science, biatch!”, as well as what you can “do” with cooking. It also features a great part on learning “everything”, from shooting a three pointer to memorizing a deck of cards, which techniques transfer godly to other areas.

Tools of Titans “analyzes the habits of high performers in all fields, synthesizing common themes that readers can easily adapt to achieve their own success”, as the publisher put it – without exaggerating.

The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the Witcher saga are my go-to fictional books if the real world “just ain’t doing it” right now.

Decide to Play Great Poker, Meditations, The Art of War and Bird on Bird in contrast are good for clear thinking, decision-making, and dealing with “the real world”.

Thanks to the books “Swedish” and “The Left Hand of Darkness“, which started it all!

Feel free to have a look around and share your thoughts!


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